Fear Falters Progress

I had a lot of reservations about starting my blog. Especially about the content. I was about to reveal so many personal aspects of my life. Certain elements that a lot of my close friends and family don’t know about me. There are thoughts and feelings that I have kept under close guard for so long that I wasn’t sure what they’d look like when they got out. The day I decided to write about my battles with mental health, was the day I realised that mental health issues are empowered by fear. Mental health is seen as a taboo subject that everyone is too scared to talk about. The longer we remain scared to talk about it, the stronger it becomes. The sufferer has a fear of not being understood and everyone else either has a fear of not understanding or a fear of not knowing how to understand. For as long as we are afraid to talk about it, the incapacitating effects of mental health problems retain their power. We can’t move on and learn how to solve the problems. The fear of the issue falters the ability to progress past it.


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