Absent Friend

I know once I put this down in words, it will make the absence real

But I can’t continue on this way without explaining how I feel

Sitting with this void between us is the last place I want to be

But I don’t feel like you’re still you and I don’t feel like I’m still me

We used to finish each other’s sentences, construct each other’s thoughts

But when I try to get to know you now, it’s like I don’t know you at all

Now you’re dishonest and from that grows mistrust

I don’t think there is a way to get me and you back to being an us

I protected you from the whispers of lips covered by shielding hands

You listened when other ears were too deaf to understand

I taught you to be smarter when naivety made you the fool

You dried my tears when lost love made me cry a heartbreak pool

A strong connection cherished by each one of our hearts

Connected like branches on a tree but like those branches we now grow apart

I have tried to forgive and forget things, but it’s time to walk away

But the memory of friendship unbroken is the thing that makes me stay.

There will always be a love between us, because of the value we’ve placed on our bond

But our relationship can’t be fixed, it isn’t broken, it’s just gone.


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